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Aaron Colton Headshot
Aaron Colton
Director of the First-Year Writing Program
S106E Callaway
Julian Currents Headshot
Julian Currents
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Callaway N205A
Lex Hackney Headshot
Lex Hackney
Senior Program Coordinator
Callaway N117B
Vani Kannan Headshot
Vani Kannan
Director of Writing Across Emory
S106F Callaway
Bernard Krumm Headshot
Bernard Krumm
Post Doctoral Fellow
Callaway N205A
Donna McDermott Headshot
Donna McDermott
Assistant Teaching Professor
Callaway N207A
Ben Miller Headshot
Ben Miller
Coordinator of Technical Writing
Callaway N123
Gregory Palermo Headshot
Gregory Palermo
Assistant Teaching Professor
Callaway N319
Sarah Salter Headshot
Sarah Salter
Director of the Writing Program
N117A Callaway
Rebekah Spera Headshot
Rebekah Spera
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Callaway S106D
Joonna Trapp Headshot
Joonna Trapp
Associate Teaching Professor Emerita
Callaway N117A
Melissa Yang Headshot
Melissa Yang
Director of the Emory Writing Center
Callaway N201A
Levin Arnsperger Headshot
Levin Arnsperger
Associate Director of the English Language Learning Program (ELLP)
MLB 408
Robert Birdwell Headshot
Robert Birdwell
Tutor & Developmental Editor
Callaway N128D
Daniel Bosch Headshot
Daniel Bosch
Assistant Teaching Professor
Callaway N102
E. David Morgen Headshot
E. David Morgen
Instructional Technologist
Callaway N-117C
Jane O'Connor Headshot
Jane O'Connor
Director of the English Language Learning Program (ELLP)
PAIS 563