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ENG 101: Expository Writing

Intensive writing course that trains students in expository writing through a number of variable topics. Satisfies first-year English writing requirement.

ENGRD 123R: Communicative Grammar

Students who speak English as an additional language will research, analyze, and practice English grammar to develop their knowledge of form, meaning, and usage in a communicative context.

ENGRD 124: Academic Communication Skills

An academic communication skills course designed to prepare English language learners for success at Emory and throughout their academic careers. Focus on speaking, reading, listening, and vocabulary skills through engagement with authentic materials, such as lectures and presentations.

ENG 181: Writing About Literature

Intensive writing course that trains students in techniques of writing and literary analysis through writing about literature. Readings and format vary in different sections. Satisfies first-year English writing requirement.

ENGRD 201W: Multimedia Journalism

Students write and report for newspapers, radio, magazines, online sites, and social media and develop websites to publish multimedia writing and news reports. They learn the basics of news writing and reporting, interviewing, and audio and video production. No journalism background required.

ENGRD 202: Writing Center Practicum

Designed as a companion to first-semester experience as a Writing Center tutor. Course includes reflection on tutoring experiences and practice in tutoring strategies. Included will be the history of Writing Centers, theoretical and pedagogical readings, and performing Writing Center research.

ENGRD 220W: Rhetorical Studies

Introduction to rhetoric and rhetorical analysis. While learning rhetorical tactics of Ancient Greece and Rome, students will apply that learning to their academic and vocational goals. Practice in writing and speaking, grounded in ethics, are central to the course.

ENGRD 221RW: Advanced Writing Workshop

Prerequisites: English 101 or 181 and written permission of instructor. Practical introductions to various kinds of media and professional writing. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

ENGRD 223: Rhetorical Grammar

Through a study and analysis of grammar's impact on rhetorical effectiveness, students work with their own writing as they learn to make and adapt grammatical choices to fit audience, purpose, constraints, exigencies, and timing.

ENGRD 302W: Technical Writing

This writing-intensive course provides students with practice developing rhetorically effective and ethically sensitive communication in genres that characterize professional activity across and outside the university. No prior technical knowledge required.

ENGRD 328W: Race, Gender and Media-Making

Students will learn about media studies and cultural studies frameworks to analyze popular media throughout the century. Students write in class daily, blog to larger audiences weekly, draft and revise multiple multimodal projects, and respond meaningfully to peers’ work in structured workshops.

ENGRD 363W: Discourse Analysis

No description provided.

ENGRD 380W: Topics in Writing, Rhetoric, and Literacy

Course topics will vary but always will be focused on writing, rhetorical composition, and analysis, or literacy skills. Topics possible include a variety of options such as journalistic writing, non-fiction, debate, argumentation, persuasion, digital writing, among others.